Music Compositor

Theme : Walk With Me is the title name for this music, which composed by a dj that met in facebook. We discussed about music rythem for fashion show. This music is belong to Cocotian Co Ltd, Hong Kong. Its belong to and not allowed to sell to anyone. Only for fashion show belong to Margaret Yick. Yes, I am also a musician played digital Yamaha Organ. But to compose a music rythem, it must go accordingly to the fashion show style. The music in general comes in 4 notes to 8 OR 16 notes. If walked on the stage show is never 16 notes, it often 4 notes counting. To compose a music tune, many thing can added. But the sound system is very important. We worked in team not alone, so everything will be beautiful. I don’t have time to compose my own music, as I am concentrating my fashion design concept, so it will be nice to get any dj to work on it, to build a team together. It is not allowed to used any music on show if is not belong to you. Is copyright belong to a company that hold by a person who runs the company. There are few of it…soon will be Bonhabibi music. Have a nice day and music is life.

Published by Bonhabibi

I am a Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker. Apart from that I was a teacher educated young kids for American International School in Indonesia Balikpapan, and part time as a music teacher. I am a Consultant which carried many years of experinced in different field of worked. I am here to present you BON HABIBI sound wired to you, but I assumed the arab people knows it well Habibi. Bon in french mean Good. Have a Bon Habibi yah, sorry I don't much time writing article about me. I am so busy everyday. Soon you will see all my designs created and designed in France. Many items coming from many countries, and I have created each item from each country. Thank you for reading, and I will upgrade this website. Meantime take a look at

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