I want to tell you a story about my little Fashion style toys design.

Each of the hand made toys on fashion style has a little story on it. How it happened where it started from?. I must thanks my mother educated me so well, and always pushing me to do thing by itself. I just cut 2 holes and make a dress for myself. Than in Singapore in the day I worked, and at night I took night class as a fashion tailoring design. I was so lucky got a job as a teacher to educate young kids in American International School. I gave a new concept for education in the class, and approved by the director. Most kids loved music, action movement activies and listening stories. Sometimes we played together like one family. Kids loved toys, but always must learned how to handle the toys with good hygiene. I ended in France, I applied AESMODE PARIS superior school. It was easy for me to enter this school due to I have a good result in A for Art. I started on pattern maker which is the most important thing to know it. I had posted to worked for french fashion industrial, and than I did 4 fashion show. Design and pattern make by me. With few years experinced, I just found is easy to make a skirt or a blouse. There is a lot of art and craft worked on it. 5 years ago I started created accessories on leather. Than last year I worked alot creating toys using all in yarns materials or some good paint on it, but this year all about yarns on design and toys on fashion style expression. I had chosen a name on it, but still thinking of it. Each toy has a name on it. Now it will be Made in Singapore.

Published by Bonhabibi

I am a Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker. Apart from that I was a teacher educated young kids for American International School in Indonesia Balikpapan, and part time as a music teacher. I am a Consultant which carried many years of experinced in different field of worked. I am here to present you BON HABIBI sound wired to you, but I assumed the arab people knows it well Habibi. Bon in french mean Good. Have a Bon Habibi yah, sorry I don't much time writing article about me. I am so busy everyday. Soon you will see all my designs created and designed in France. Many items coming from many countries, and I have created each item from each country. Thank you for reading, and I will upgrade this website. Meantime take a look at www.margaretyickdesignfr.wordpress.com https://soundcloud.com/cocotian1?ref=clipboard https://soundcloud.com/margaret-yick/designmusicchopsticks

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